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Alternatives to Search for High Intent Traffic

Are there alternatives to search for high intent traffic?  In our quest to generate more leads, more quotes, and more sales online search has always been the gold standard for media buyers.  Unfortunately, it is also a very mature and competitive market making it very expensive.  That has driven us all to look for alternatives to search, what we will be looking at below are 4 of those.

Alternatives to Search for High Intent Traffic:

1.) Email – This is perhaps as old as search when it comes to generating high intent leads and clicks.  However, email is hard, very very hard to execute well. You need to nail your creative and your offer and then get it past the myriad of filters the ESP’s have in place.  This often means inconsistent delivery and lead flow pushing email to the realm of “complementary” rather than a pillar of your marketing strategy.

2.) Retargeting – This is great at keeping your brand top of mind with consumers and getting them to convert.  You also already know they are in-market because they have been to your site.  But therein lays the issue – you have to get them to your site in the first place which limits volume and scale significantly.

3.) Social Media – both the darling of digital media and perhaps the bane of our existence.  Social offers massive scale and incredible abilities to target users based on affinity, association, or behavior.  The downfall of social media is that if you are in “un-sexy” industries and trying to generate say insurance clicks it can be very difficult to get users to click through to your site.

4.) Click Exchanges – Vertically relevant click exchanges like can provide you with an excellent cost-effective alternative to search traffic.  Click Exchanges provide you with a constant stream of shoppers who are in the market for your product or one very near to it.  These users have intent, are out price shopping and cost much less than search keywords.

In closing

We’ve talked about all of these being good alternatives to search for quality high intent traffic – but what drives the need for that? Search clicks are EXPENSIVE in the insurance clicks market some keywords can fetch upwards of $25 for a click! Comparatively clicks from email are closer to $3, from social media they can be as cheap as 50Cents.  Retargeting is a bit all over the place depending on your scale.  Finally, Click Exchanges offer you the ability to target precisely and bid up or down easily with click costs ranging from $1-$8. So there you have 4 solid alternatives to search to expand traffic to your site with high intent clicks.

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What is a Vertically Relevant Click Exchange?

The Click Exchange has existed for years. Most relevantly for the insurance click space dating back to the SureHits product launched initially in 1996. SureHits initially focused on the lending and finance spaces but branched out over the years later being acquired by QuinStreet.  The marketplace evolved to answer a couple of fundamental needs in the digital ad space: more relevant ads for publishers and a source of higher intent traffic for advertisers.

25 years is a long time and over that time click exchanges have evolved significantly. Part of that evolution has been the underlying ad-tech that supports them. Today exchanges like Clicks To Convert support multiple verticals and sport advanced bidding technologies. Within modern click exchanges, you can bid by: hour, day, location, device, and a number of demographic data points like home-ownership, age or insurance status.

Why use a Click Exchange?

As a publisher, running placements from clicks to convert will make you more money.  You will see significantly higher RPMs than traditional ad placements.  Using our custom ad units and integrating Clicks To Convert in multiple places on your sites will boost revenue.  Placements on a thank you page will also give you the chance to monetize users as they leave your site.

As an advertiser, you’ll get access to best-in-class technology, open API’s, and complex bidding tools that you can use to shape a winning media buying strategy.

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Why Build a Click Exchange Now?

Why build a Click Exchange? Don’t they already exist?

After years of operating our own websites, optimizing forms and using third-party tools to monetize them we realized it was time to build our own technology out to support our site and with that Clicks to Convert was born.  Looking at the other tools in the marketplace and using our own technology for a year we decided the time was right for a new entrant into the click exchange market.  As a company we pride ourselves on innovation and Clicks to Convert is no different.  Where other tools have stayed stagnant for years or focused on growing a closed “us vs them” ecosystem, we are open, innovative, and looking to drive change.

Why should you choose Clicks To Convert over another click exchange?

  • Clicks to Convert for advertisers:
    • Best in class bidding options with modifiers for any demographic or data point you could want.
    • Access to wider placement options than a traditional click exchange.
    • Second Price Auction.
    • Fully customizable XML options
    • Open API’s for reporting.
  • Clicks To Convert for publishers:
    • Multiple implimentation types.
    • New ad units to drive incremental revenue.
    • Higher fill rates to drive increased RPM’s.
    • Fully customizable XML publishing options.
    • A wider selection of placement and traffic options.
    • Ability to tap into demand sources outside of Clicks to Convert.

Welcome to Clicks to Convert and the new era of the click exchange.

Schedule your demo today.

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Welcome to Clicks to Convert

Welcome to Clicks To Convert – colloquially known around here as C2C.

Clicks to Convert is a modern media marketplace where advertisers can partner with publishers and vertically relevant media outlets to source incremental high intent users. As the online landscape continues to expand a need has arisen for high intent alternatives to expensive search traffic.  This is where we fit in.  We do this by targeting in-market shoppers during the research gathering and price comparison portions of the buyer journey.  Introducing your brand at this point in the conversion process gives you a much higher chance to convert the user.

Would you like to learn more about how we think?  To access our best in class tools and advanced bidding algorithm drop us a line.  Open API’s, best in class reporting, new ad units, and a revolutionary right price bidding tool were all designed to give our partners an edge in this competitive media landscape.