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Welcome to Clicks to Convert

Welcome to Clicks To Convert – colloquially known around here as C2C.

Clicks to Convert is a modern media marketplace where advertisers can partner with publishers and vertically relevant media outlets to source incremental high intent users. As the online landscape continues to expand a need has arisen for high intent alternatives to expensive search traffic.  This is where we fit in.  We do this by targeting in-market shoppers during the research gathering and price comparison portions of the buyer journey.  Introducing your brand at this point in the conversion process gives you a much higher chance to convert the user.

Would you like to learn more about how we think?  To access our best in class tools and advanced bidding algorithm drop us a line.  Open API’s, best in class reporting, new ad units, and a revolutionary right price bidding tool were all designed to give our partners an edge in this competitive media landscape.