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The Event Pixel – Manage Acquisitions in Realtime

In Part 1 of our tracking upgrades and improvements project we released the Funnel Pixel to enable a better understanding of the customer journey for our clients.  Following on the heels of that, we are now releasing the Event Pixel.  These pixels will expand our client’s ability to track, measure, and optimize their media buys within Clicks to Convert.

Placed at the end of the conversion funnel the event pixel will enable realtime tracking of conversions, acquisition cost, and media effectiveness. In building campaigns with Clicks to Convert clients are now able to choose from; media types, site placement type, and intent trigger.  Once launched leveraging the combination of interstitial tracking and Event/Funnel Pixels clients are able to view how a user moves through the conversion funnel.  From the publisher, to click, to site navigation, and finally to conversion – it is all trackable with Clicks to Convert.

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The Funnel Pixel – Understand the Customer Journey

Today Clicks to Convert is proud to announce the launch of the Funnel Pixel.


You may ask what is a funnel pixel? Or perhaps “Doesn’t Clicks to Convert already support pixels?”  The answer to the latter question is a simple yes, the answer to the former is a bit more complicated.  Currently, many of the other click exchanges support tracking through an interstitial page that has a beacon or pixel on it.  This is how Clicks to Convert worked as well when we launched the product.  However, after working with our clients specifically those in the insurance lead generation and click spaces, it became clear we needed deeper tracking integrations to support our clients more effectively. To that end, Event Pixels and Funnel Pixels were born.


Currently, when a user clicks on one of our as in the click exchange a user is routed through our interstitial page and tracked by C2C.  Now our clients using their own tracking beacons can watch the user as they navigate through their site allowing a deeper understanding of the customer journey.  That understanding can power optimization both of lead and call flows but also of media buys down to the individual placements level. Giving our clients yet another tool to improve their media spend.