Only Smarter.

Run targeted click campaigns that can be
live within minutes

Clicks to Convert features:

- Vertically Relevant Ad Placements
- Second Price Auctions
- Multiple Ad Sizes

Reach your desired consumer at the time of conversion

Clicks to Convert has a broad marketplace of media companies and site owners that align with your specific vertical. Typically, this takes the form of a comparison site or vertically relevant content. By placing your ads on these types of sites rather than run of network across the web, your will find higher click through rates and ROI.


Reach users when they’re most engaged.

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Gain access to our wide-scale network.

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Get your ads seen by the right users.

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Powerful Yet Super Easy to Use

In-Market Users

Your ads are shown on vertically relevant sites, so users are already looking for the service you offer.

Right Price bidding

Our bidding model is based on a 2nd price auction, meaning you only pay the required amount to earn the click over the next highest bidder, even if you were willing to pay more.

Advanced Targeting Tools

In addition to vertical specific filters, you can target by geo, time of day, publisher, all the way down to the site and page level.

Transparent Marketplace

Chose the media partners that make sense for your business and desired CPA targets. The exchange is transparent and flexible.

Multiple Creatives

Run a single ad or multiple ads within an ad group, allowing for proper A/B testing.

Partner Management

Get access to multiple partners within one exchange rather than trying to setup business relationships with dozens or hundreds of separate companies.

Reporting Suite

Use our built-in reports to view, manage, and optimize the success of a campaign. Our reporting API is also available for a more in-depth integration.

Safe Ads

We ensure your ads show up on quality, vetted sites. Real-time checks are performed on incoming clicks for fraud control and site verification.