Why Cost Per Click is Necessary for Open Enrollment Marketing

Why Cost Per Click is Necessary for Open Enrollment Marketing

August 31, 2020

Why Running A Cost Per Click Campaign for Open Enrollment Using Clicks to Convert is the Best Solution

Open enrollment is an unbeatable opportunity for insurance firms to make their offerings known to people who need them. With the variety of digital marketing techniques out there, it is not always obvious how to get the most ROI from your advertising budget.

Clicks to Convert, a click exchange platform created by Visiqua, is a great option for those trying to get in front of new consumers during the annual enrollment period. With second-price auction, multiple creative sizes and vertical matching, Clicks to Convert can lead you to users looking for your services.

Cost per Click advertising is a smart solution when you are trying to maximize your marketing budgets. Cost per Click marketing is a great solution during a specific date range. It helps you target customers while they are searching the web with compelling ads that are budget-friendly and results-focused. Let’s look at the biggest reasons why cost per click campaigns, especially Clicks to Convert campaigns, outperforms other options:

1. The Right Cost Per Click Platform Helps You Compete More Effectively

Unlike the handful of click exchange ad platforms out there, Clicks to Convert operates on the “second price auction bidding system.” This means you only need to overbid competitors by one cent to win an ad placement. That can result in vastly more clicks and conversions. To get the most from your campaign, always be sure you’re using a click exchange that uses the “penny more” system to minimize your costs. Not only will you save your marketing budget, your ads will only be appearing on vertically relevant websites.

2. You Pay for Quality Leads and Clicks, Not “Impressions”

“Eyes on ads” do not move your business forward, clicks do. But many advertising platforms require you to pay according to 1,000 impressions. On the other hand, cost per click platforms will cost you money only when you receive traffic. That allows you to test and optimize your sales funnel, improving your results throughout open enrollment with real customer-focused data.

3. You Have Complete Control Over Budgets and Bids

Many advertising platforms are so complicated, you need to rely on the system’s automated bidding features to operate your campaign. This can result in lost opportunities and wasted money. Clicks to Convert offers a user-friendly interface along with complex reporting so you have the opportunity to make changes when needed. Cost per click campaigns in Clicks to Convert means you have full control over your bids and can adjust according to the competitive environment in your state. You won’t overshoot your budget because of poorly written AI.

4. You Can Make the Most of Open Enrollment

Open enrollment comes only once a year. It’s a crucial time for the financials of your firm. With cost per click, you have an advertising option that’s truly based on performance. Even if your advertising budget is limited, a quality platform gives you the opportunity to compete with larger and more entrenched rivals. That can set you up for success in the coming year long after open enrollment is over.

Open enrollment will be here before you know it. Contact the team at Visiqua or feel free to request a demo on Clicks to Convert to get started with ads that work.